CUBUS Larix 7


Geotechnical Analyses

LARIX is a program for geotechnical analyses based on classic methods. Its graphical user interface and the clearly laid out results make it a very userfriendly application. Thanks to a complete documentation and many intermediate results it is possible to understand and reproduce all the performed calculations.

LARIX 7 S -Ā Stability of Slopes

The module S performs global stability analyses for slopes, embankments, excavations, retaining walls and nail walls using the method of slices. It offers the well accepted methods of Janbu and Krey. The stability can be evaluated using circular slip faces with or without end tangents or polygonal slip faces.more…

LARIX 7 G – Excavations

The module G offers the analysis of support of excavations with and without ground anchors for structures like sheetpile walls, diaphragm walls, secant pile walls or soldier beam pile supports (Berlināˆ’type walls). Construction phases can be simulated close to reality.Ā more…

LARIX 7 opcija Q – Design of Cross Sections

An option “Design of Cross Sections” allow a design and verification of cross section elements for the different wall types like e.g. the reinforcement of diaphragm- and pile walls or the profiles of sheet piling- or soldier pile walls.more…

LARIX 7 M – Retaining Walls

The module M allows a detailed analysis and design of retainig walls and nail walls. The parametrized input covers gravity walls and cantilever walls.Ā more…

LARIX 7 opcija 3D – 3D Ground and Settlements

The digital ground model of option 3 is a three-dimensional model describing terrain, groundwater table, bedrock and soil layers within a selected domain. This model allows the following applications:

  • Integration platform for 2D-analysis (Options G, S and M)
  • Settlement calculations for terrain loads and foundations (e.g. piles, footings)
  • Analysis and design of bottom slabs with raft, pile or piled raft foundation
    (available only in conjunction with CEDRUS options G and F)